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"Food nurtures our bodies; sharing meals with others fulfills our souls"

Meet Chef Kelli Lewton

With 25+ years of experience instructing other chefs and 30+ years at the helm of her own Michigan–based business –– Two Unique Catering and Event Planning Company –– Chef Kelli is the dynamic voice behind MYO Party who sure knows how to entertain. With her boots on the ground mindset and motivational mantras (“Every event is our most important event!”), it’s no wonder Kelli is a culinary school graduate who became an entrepreneur at age 27. Kelli’s passions for good food, celebration and community shine through in her comprehensive guide to hosting parties. Her intuitive knack for preparing and designing harmonious dishes  has made her a top chef contributing regularly to Fox2 Detroit Cooking School segments and her company a major event corporation in Michigan. 

Let's Connect!

Follow Chef Kelli @chefkellilewton for more tips and tricks on how to throw a party your guests will remember. 

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